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Our professional coaching services have been shaped through 25+ years of corporate experience in Fortune 500 organizations.


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The Corporate and Executive Services of True-Me® Breakthrough Professional Coaching have been created through 25+ years of experience:

Personal Services

Personal Life Coaching is a constant developmental process between two individuals, the Coach and the Client.


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Join our ICF accredited True Me Breakthrough Coaching Academy Program – Professional Coach_ Level 1 and Level 2 Graduates of our accredited programs will be eligible to apply for credentials...

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Meet the Founder of True-me®

Nicole Mantzikopoulou

“Our vision is to contribute in our own unique way and methodology to increase the levels of success and happiness around the world.”

A highly successful businessperson, with more than 24 years’ experience, working in big multinational companies, in very high profile positions and global scope responsibilities. She is reckoned for designing and implementing successful strategies, turning around businesses and leading organizations to growth. During these years, she has had the opportunity to meet hundreds of people, most of them leading demanding careers, overstressed, overworked and with no connection to their true life desires and goals.


Why Hasn’t Anyone Told Me?

The Success Factors We Were Never Taught

No matter who you are, you’ll eventually reach a turning point: a moment when something must change for you to keep living. If it doesn’t, you may not physically die, but you’ll be in danger of suffering a spiritual and emotional death—and no one wants to be on such a path. Nicole Mantzikopoulou, a professional coach, helps you see what has been, and more importantly, opens the gates to what might be in this self-help book. In plain language, she shares the unwritten laws of the universe that will help you create anything that you desire.



Business man, 50 years old

On my path of personal evolvement, you are guide and fellow traveler. You are an inspired person with faith in creation-evolution. Enlightened and multi-talented. Thank you for your valuable presence in my life. Thank you for the guidance.

Business man, 43 years old

It is very difficult to describe in a few lines the results and the experience from our sessions. My gratitude and joy are worth thousand words. Thanking you is nothing compared to the good you did to me. When we started there was a knot of feelings that was undone after our first sessions. Sadness,… Read more “Business man, 43 years old”

A.B. Health Care System Director

In a very difficult period of my life, that I felt my world was collapsing as I had lost myself in sorrow, fear, anxiety, frustration, misery and unhappiness, I asked Nicole’s help. FORTUNATELY!!!!! With her incredibly positive attitude, thinking and excellent skills, the tranquility and the light that she emanates whilst always focusing on achieving… Read more “A.B. Health Care System Director”