An open mind leads to open doors

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Throughout the years I have learned to see the events of my life from a more flexible perspective. I have found out that change is no something that we should fear, but something that we should respect. The best opportunities in life derive as a result of change. And whilst many of them appeared to be harsh, like illness, accidents or being let off from your work, every change has a particular role in guiding us to uncover the veils and discover the big picture of our life.

If we spend time worrying about every possible outcome, life cannot flow inside of us. When we always want to be in control and manipulate, or we depend on circumstances, we practically impede our natural growth, and that bring us pain. If our higher desire in life is joy, creativity, relaxation and fun, then we must learn to allow things to happen and embrace every change, searching for the opportunities it brings. When we consume ourselves with anxiety, worry and fear about a situation, we keep ourselves away from the possibility to discover a new door that will lead us to the next, exciting path in our lives.

Nevertheless, I do recognize that sometimes this is easier to be said than done.

Life is always throwing balls to us, but it depends on us how we will ultimately play the game. It is important to know that what determines our experience is how we stand in front of the situations that come into our experience and the interpretation we give them. No the circumstances per se. What defines how we stand in front of the events of our lives are, among others, our values, beliefs, and our previous experiences, just to mention a few parameters. If, for instance, we keep as a core value “security”, it is normal that we will be rejecting change. But it is also important to realize that with this tactic we rob ourselves from the potential to develop and experience emotions of wholeness and fulfillment. If on the other side, we keep as a core value “faith”, with the conviction that everything happens for our own sake, then we are in a better position to accept the changes around us and search for their real meaning.

Life has been designed to flow naturally, not like a constant uphill. There is no reason why we should be straggling every day. Life wants to give us what we desire, but we also must do our part: to allow things to happen.

Do not block the changes in your life. They are bringing a gift. If the situations around you are not like you want them, you can choose your thoughts more carefully, so that you can change your disposition against them. You have the chance, the skills and potential, every time, to reverse the situations, changing your view point and consequently, your interpretation.

To be able to receive the gift, that every change brings, ask yourself: “What can this event mean?”and if the answer is not comprehensive, ask again “what else, could it mean, what POSITIVE interpretation could I give to this event?” Repetition of this question will turn your mind towards the search of a deeper truth, and when the answer comes, you will feel relieved, and probably more empowered to face what the change will bring.