The first thought that comes to my mind, when trying to describe my experience with the True-me ® personal coaching program, is not original: "I became a different person!”- just to ascertain immediately after that … this is not accurate. The truth is that I discovered that I did not need to be a new person to decisively change my perspective of the world, both internally and externally.

What I realized, learned, experienced, and I verified in practice during the program was:

1. That forces that I ignored, but were forever mine, now found a way to emerge and dominate in shaping the scenario where – every day- I play the roles and the scripts of my life.

2. That my inner space is infinitely large to fit comfortably whatever new is attracting and challenging me to incorporate it into my personal marching towards my future – allowing the expansion of all of the components of the bright side of myself. In contrast it becomes small, almost non-existent, when it tries to accommodate anything from the "gray zone" of bitter memories, hard denials, or the dark fears of unnecessary guilt and other negative feelings.

3. That it is Logic in all its dimensions and no other more mysterious or mystical powers, that provides all the necessary tools to enable everyone to "cultivate his garden" (Voltaire) by clarifying all concepts we use – either through meditation or self-conversation.

4. That the internal dimension of FREEDOM, which is captured through the process that it is known as self-knowledge, not only helps but deterministically leads to the situation that normally we all aspire, calling it sometimes happiness or bliss, sometimes security, tranquility, creativity.

5. That the so used and abused nowadays concept of LOVE makes sense only and obtains a dynamic when it first starts from the relationship with ourselves. The phrase “love your neighbor as you love yourself” even as an evangelical exhortation, does clarify that the first necessary condition for a joyful life is satisfied only when Man loves Self. I would add that it is also the most difficult!

I realize at this moment that it is not easy to describe adequately my unique experience from the true-me® program, which made me to turn all indicators of my life towards a bright future and the happiness that I rightfully deserve.

I also understand now what remained continuously in the background during the sessions: The incredible skills of my coach Nicole in this new sport of mine called self-awareness. She hold and guided me constantly, providing me with the feeling and the certainty that it is me creating the change, that I rely on my own strength, that I reclaim and love my own "peculiarities", that I build with my own resources! So that I knew that the enlightened results that I am experiencing today, my new reality, could only be born from me, was not the subject of a teaching, not presented by example, was not based on any stereotype. It was spring out from myself. And for that reason, it can last forever.

I wish that as many people as possible will allow themselves to have a similar true-me® journey, so that to our society is finally penetrated by this regenerative arrow that aims only towards the bright, refreshing and really abundant tomorrow that we all deserve. "