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It is that time of the year. You are patiently waiting for the days to pass so that you can find yourself in a beautiful place and relax. Or maybe you had had the opportunity to do that already and are waiting to do it again, in the next few weeks.

Be as it may, summer is the perfect time for a pause. Not only for a mental-body recharge, but also to review what has been achieved so far in the year. Not to be ready to scold yourselves or feel stressful, but to be prepared to take action to achieve those goals that are meaningful. Remember, this is your life, the only person that you have to respond to is yourself.

So here are some good questions that can help you create awareness of where you are:

  • What have I created this last 7 month, different from other years, that I am very proud for?
  • What issues have I overcome or solved?
  • What new empowering behaviors have I adopted?
  • Who have I met, that is now playing an important role in my life?
  • What is the vision of my future self, for this coming Xmas?
  • What do I still need to conquer?
  • What actions can I immediately take to start paving the way?

Being in a relaxing, inspiring place will help you answer these questions. And then you will feel more empowered to continue on your journey.

Nicole Mantzikopoulou, July 2019