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If you have realized all of the above for yourself and you feel that you are at a crossroads between what you think you “must” do and what your soul is whispering to you, it is time for a quantum change: it is time for you to choose to live at a more spiritual level and from a more authentic place.

How can you know If you have arrived to that point?

  • You feel that you can’t go on in life following the illusions that your upbringing, society, media, etc. have taught you. You can’t continue pursuing the hollowness of money, material possessions and power, in order to find happiness and fulfillment. You know there’s more depth to life and you can no longer ignore it.

  • You are feeling the urge to connect with your life’s purpose and find ways to share your gifts and talents with the world, so you can make a positive impact and live a more joyful and fulfilled life.

  • You’re ready to live in integrity, with your own values. You want to live life based on what you stand for, and you know that you don’t need other people’s approval, because this is your own journey. As a consequence, your relationships start becoming more meaningful.

  • You feel fear, but you want to use it as fuel for strength, bravery, faith. You might feel confusion and don’t know where to start, but the urge to do something greater, fulfill your potential and follow your unique path, is stronger than anything else. You know that only you can embrace living the life you came here to live. That, courageously following your heart, will not only bring growth and expansion in your life, but it will create a ripple of goodness in other people’s lives; you might even inspire others to embrace the same attitude.

  • You start understanding the meaning of events around you and allow yourself to be more in-flow with life.

  • For the first time you might enjoy more quiet time, so that you can connect with yourself; you avoid the noise of TV, internet, social media, and prevent meeting people who you feel are no longer bringing value and growth to your life. You take better care of yourself and are prepared to listen to your inner wisdom.

  • You feel more empathy and compassion towards yourself – and others. You feel a greater sense of oneness coming from a deep knowing that we are all part of the Whole.

If you are feeling one or more of the above, it is time for you to stop running on the hamster wheel of life, take a deep breath, and decide to act towards a more fulfilling life. The only time you really have is now, to allow yourself to be you – not a new you, but the real you – may be for the first time. Start living life more connected to the truth of your soul, and not so much from your head, so you can live with more gratitude, joy and meaning.  

Nicole Mantzikopoulou, March 2019