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Are you trapped in fear or have you surrender with faith and resilience?

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Are you trapped  in fear or have you surrender with faith and resilience?

These are most certainly unique times. Even if you are usually in the best of states, you might find yourself losing your courage.  It is a period of ambiguity and emotions can be confusing. For some of us, life seems to be on hold. For the protagonists of this phase, life is a constant struggle of physical and mental strength.

In any situation you are in, it might be difficult for you to stay calm when everyone around you is afraid and wondering what will happen next.

When we are experiencing core energy loss, we are experiencing part of the stress-filled process that can eventually lead to burnout. This process is a signal that we are off track in some way. Thus, let me give you some tips, on how to get back on-track:

  • Unconditional Acceptance. Like unconditional love – accept what is happening and what is to come. Sometimes life is about surrendering to the flow life demands from us. Try to elevate yourself and see the big picture.  Surrender to the now that you do not like and feel peace with it. It is happening, it is real, and it will certainly pass. Do what you can to help your situation right now but allow with faith yourself to be carried to the end of it all.
  • Pay attention to your needs: Which of those you can fulfill right now? I bet you can fulfill all of them! In one way or another. Re-frame “needs” as “wants” whenever possible. Do whatever is under your personal control. Be creative and do what you feel is more appropriate for you. Commit to ra self-car routine and daily healthy habits. Personalize your work and home environment. Relax, rejuvenate, slow down.
  • Reclaim Your Time. Life is measured in minutes and hours that are yours alone to dispense. It might feel like all is on hold right now, but your own life does not need to be like that. There are always things to do to continue living, enjoying life and moving towards your own personal goals. Take time to adjust your habits and immerse only in projects that can be meaningful for this period of time.
  • Release Pressure & Obligations. Let’s talk about guilt and the feeling of responsibility. We are all living in special circumstances, and you know what? Whatever is happening, it is not your fault! Let go of thoughts that are crowding out your dreams and draining your energy. Do the best that you can, and let it be enough for now.
  • Express your deep Gratitude. Start tapping into the spiritual side of our nature – devote 5 minutes of your day to express your gratitude for all you have today. You will feel inner peace and will be giving life a command to bring more of it.
  • Envision and evaluate. Time to check-in with your life’s purpose. Get ready for the next phase of your life. Elevate yourself, your thoughts, your stance in life and make sure you are planning for activities that are – or will, soon enough promote your TRUE dreams. Life has proven to be very fragile. Do not waste more time in meaningless, for you, activities.

For the time being, focus on yourself and your loved ones and the blessing of being with them. This difficult phase will most certainly pass. When it does, secure that you will be ready to continue strong and empowered with the rest of your life.

Nicole Mantzikopoulou