Personal Coaching

At true-me® Breakthrough Coaching, we designed and present to you a range of coaching products for professionals, aiming to improve the wellbeing, efficiency, and performance of themselves and their teams. The following programs are only indicative of the corporate coaching services we offer, since each client is unique, and we love to create tailor-made coaching solutions that specifically match the needs of every organization.

Work well, Live better®

Maintaining a work-life balance for all employees of an organization is crucial so they can perform in their best effort, daily. This, however, is not always the case; These one-to-one coaching sessions bring together a certified Coach of the academy with you and your colleagues once a week, holding One-2-one sessions with everyone. Through this stable contact, the team remains focused, energized and passionate on achieving all goals, cultivate employees mental and emotional intelligence so they learn to stay focused, energized and motivated to cope with the demanding challenges.

Empowering your leadership team

The need for building high-performance teams consisted by top-level individuals is greater than ever before. In that context, empowering new leaders to take action, resume new roles and authority in a team is a delicate process, imperative for the team’s success. To fully grasp their leading potential, team leaders conduct one-to-one sessions with their Coach, practicing their understanding on leadership values and developing the skills required to perform alongside their team.

Corporate conflict management

Repeatedly, Corporations encounter the need to address conflicts among key associates. As in any other relationship, conflicts cannot be attributed only to one player as this could be interpreted as an inequitable or discriminatory stance. To address and effectively resolve such issues, these sessions (delivered into couples) aim to assess the conflict issue, capture different perceptions and spot discrepancies, lift barriers and focus to resolution on a win-win basis.

Coaching for empowerment

Empowerment is a state of mind all employees should embrace, to feel included, part of the plan and with a clear purpose and role. Coaching for empowerment produces a strong positive ripple effect on the team and organization. Systematically involving stakeholders drives several positively reinforcing factors.

Personal Branding Coaching

In today’s era, not only businesses but individuals also need the branding to survive in the market. One must know how to market themselves. Branding can make businesses or individuals stand out by unleashing their true potential. The coach follows a strategy to help students locate their source of inspiration and creativity and come up with their authentic, unique personal brand positioning.