At true-me® Breakthrough Coaching, we designed and present to you a range of coaching products for professionals, aiming to improve the wellbeing, efficiency, and performance of themselves and their teams. The following programs are only indicative of the corporate coaching services we offer, since each client is unique, and we love to create tailor-made coaching solutions that specifically match the needs of every organization.

True-self retreat

The True Self Retreat teaches you the vital skills needed to develop inner emotional strength and establish solid dialogue with your inner guidance. This 3-day life coaching program is best for those experiencing challenging situations, such as existential crisis, anxiety, loss of focus and purpose. Every activity tailored to enable you to find your inner compass and rebuild your life. Multiple techniques are involved, including Life Coaching, Meditation, Yoga, TaiChi and Chikung, Reiki, EFT and other. By the end of this restful holiday, you will return home prepared and determined to mentally lead a healthier life.


Life Coaching & Mindfulness retreat aiming to bring individuals in the magical space of Here & Now to discover its unlimited possibilities. A deeply grounding 3-day retreat that will make you reconsider the gifts of being present in the moment and gratefully attract more of what makes you feel fulfilled.


A 4-day retreat that will help you establish a clear strategy to reach your goals. Designed to help business leaders and creative visionaries to kickstart their upcoming chapter, whether you’re looking for a personal, career-led or business reboot or life transformation. It includes daily one-to-one sessions and workshops with your personally assigned True-me® Coach, solo exploration assessments and techniques, therapeutic massage and take-home tools to help you map your future success. At the end, you receive a copy of your True-me®  Coach’s key takeaways that consolidate what was uncovered during the retreat sessions.


A powerful 2-day retreat that helps you escape your bubble and gain brand new empowering perspective, powerful insights and solid motivation through practical help – such as optimizing your daily performance, set priorities and complete tasks and drastically increase your results.