At true-me® Breakthrough Coaching, we designed and present to you a range of coaching products for professionals, aiming to improve the wellbeing, efficiency, and performance of themselves and their teams. The following programs are only indicative of the corporate coaching services we offer, since each client is unique, and we love to create tailor-made coaching solutions that specifically match the needs of every organization.

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Designed to aid Executives develop capabilities for better supporting the needs of teams and organization, this program consists of 4 modules and lasts 3,5 months. During this time, leading business executives rain themselves into crushing everyday challenges while maintaining clarity, positivity and balance in their lives.

Conquer your peaks

A unique coaching experience, leading participants to comprehend and unlock their fill potential- the power within! But it does not stop there: The process unlocks a personal transformation, teaching the individual how to generate the desired results out of their lives in a permanent, repeatedly manner, dispersing any doubts, fears and misbeliefs that keeps them from succeeding in life.

Navigating the unfamiliar

A crisis can appear at any time, when last expected. In times like these, employees must jump in the situation and make swift decisive actions to minimize damage and restore normality. This group coaching seminar focuses on cultivating and developing the team’s crisis management leadership skills, developing both emotional competencies and job skills required to cope with sudden changes to the plan.

Crisis Management

Every crisis is a change initiator. This seminar teaches employees to view each crisis not as a period of uncertainty and instability, but as a golden opportunity to reevaluate their approach, redefine their mindset and needs and ultimately reestablish a fresh relationship with themselves, motivated confident and ready to face the challenges ahead.

Awaken the creativity within

Creativity is an integral part of a person’s personality, expressed by various forms and like a muscle, creativity needs to be trained. This seminar is ideal for creative professionals, artists and innovators of all kinds, that seek top-notch creativity performance to be able to produce intellectual work that is innovative and revolutionizing, by tapping into one of the most powerful human impulses: the subconscious.