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At true-me® Breakthrough Coaching, we designed and present to you a range of coaching products for professionals, aiming to improve the wellbeing, efficiency, and performance of themselves and their teams. The following programs are only indicative of the corporate coaching services we offer, since each client is unique, and we love to create tailor-made coaching solutions that specifically match the needs of every organization.

Unlock the Leader in you

The purpose of this workshop is to induce a radical self-transformation, within the context of the organization and beyond. It is addressed to executives who wish to lead their own careers, inspire others and be the catalysts of change in their environment, their team, their organization. The program can be fully tailored to the particular needs of the organization and is delivered in modules.

Success is a Mind’s Game

This seminar aims to showcase the parameters that empower successful people and shape a life of completeness. It is designed to address the needs of upper or middle managers that have the potential and are willing to go the extra mile and convert themselves into leaders of the organization. Participants will be exposed to a scientifically tested thinking framework that leads to the activation of talent to achieve the set goals.

Presenting with impact

The program is designed to establish the participants’ awareness, ability and fluency in delivering effective and commanding presentations in any given context or situation. Participants will acquire the state of the ideal presenter, will eliminate any limiting beliefs they might have for delivering a presentation,  will gain full control in creating the necessary energy to engage audiences and manage difficult situations that might arise during a presentation. It is based on the principles of  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).