Clarifications of investment required in time & money

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Our programs will provide a certification by the True-me® Breakthrough Coaching Academy and ICF (level 1, level 2, advanced).  The program takes from 5 months to one year depending on what level you decide to pursue and whether you will do it in a synchronous and asynchronous manner. 

We know very well that most of you have a busy life. That’s why the program was designed to fit your intense schedules and allows you to learn what you need from the comfort of your home – anywhere you might be in the world. To receive your training, the True-me® Breakthrough Coaching Academy offers a live on-line program: You will be given a code to get access to a platform and connect with a live class.

You will also have work to submit: 10 recorded coaching sessions, as well as 10 assignments. Overall time you will need to invest to become a certified coach is very personal, but it would be safe to say that 2-3 hours per week will be expected.

You will be assigned to a mentor to ensure that all the processes of getting certified are clear to you. Moreover, you will be participating in a pod group, that is, a group of co-students, so as to practice your coaching learnings and get supported. You will never be left alone in this effort!

Moreover, given the demanding life we all conduct, the program foresees that participants will be able to complete all their obligations up to four months after the end of the course. Ideally, you will have submitted all the work and you will be ready to receive the test that will lead you to certification at the end of the courses. However, if necessary, you will be able to deliver all the remaining work and the final exam during the following four months. After many years of using the material and technologies we are going to teach you, we have found that this period allows a comfortable pace of learning and assimilation of the material, before the students are ready to fully implement what they have been taught and move on to their next step in their coaching career.

The True-Me® Breakthrough Coaching Academy (TBCA) is one of the most comprehensive and transforming coaching programs currently offered, with emphasis on effective clients’ empowerment and development. Τhe lessons are delivered in Greek, English and Spanish, depending in which group you are register. We  launched in 2022 – 3 new programs, who help you progress to different levels of Coaching: Level 1, Level 2 and Advanced. You also can have your lessons in a synchronous or asynchronous manner.   For the updates on the start of the programs and the fees involved, go to It is important to know that you do not need any other training to get a valid certification as an international coach. This certification is sufficient. Everything you need is included in the price of the program: such as manuals, worksheets, mentors, recordings. The only other small cost is the books that will be suggested to you: they cost about 60 euros and it is guaranteed that they will be a treasure for your library.