Business man, 50 years old

On my path of personal evolvement, you are guide and fellow traveler. You are an inspired person with faith in creation-evolution. Enlightened and multi-talented. Thank you for your valuable presence in my life. Thank you for the guidance.

Business man, 43 years old

It is very difficult to describe in a few lines the results and the experience from our sessions. My gratitude and joy are worth thousand words. Thanking you is nothing compared to the good you did to me. When we started there was a knot of feelings that was undone after our first sessions. Sadness, fear, disappointment and other negative feelings that now seem far-off, have disappeared. Events in the darkness of the past, with your assistance, were lit up and I was able to see their real importance and draw the necessary lessons. Now that there is light everywhere, I am able to move ahead, empowered, creating joy, peace and happiness for me and everyone around me. Thank you for showing me the way to see my real self.

A.B. Health Care System Director

In a very difficult period of my life, that I felt my world was collapsing as I had lost myself in sorrow, fear, anxiety, frustration, misery and unhappiness, I asked Nicole’s help. FORTUNATELY!!!!!

With her incredibly positive attitude, thinking and excellent skills, the tranquility and the light that she emanates whilst always focusing on achieving the desired outcome that I had set for myself, she took me step by step on a path where my own inner strength and skills emerged.

Nowadays, I can truly smile again, as I confront my life from a different perspective. I feel very strong and proud that I did it! I thank Nicole and I love her so much for giving me her hand and using her amazing knowledge effectively to help me understand that we are responsible for the quality and the color of our life!!!! What I have learned and what she gave me forms my own bright light that will lead – from now on – my way.

A.B., Director, Education System

Teaching is an ART. Its success depends upon the approach of the teacher, who is to cover the human relation emotionally, who elicits feelings of trust, faith and conveys the knowledge.
Nicole comprises of all the above, and transfers you to a different world with a magic, yet realistic way. And the results are amazing! A source of life! The right person in the right place. Congratulations.

A big Thank you! Nicole

General Manager, 50-year-old, food & beverage

… Nicole lit the spark needed to trigger a change of thinking in the Company.

Nicole explains with details her methodology, gives answers and puts you in another, more productive frame of mind.

With Nicole we organized a sales seminar for a team that had been resistant to change. For two years this group had been pushing back, grumbling and expressing a lot of skepticism to new managements decisions.

It took Nicole just four hours to “reprogram” the doubts and negative disposition and put us all together in a very positive mood to walk towards a common path.
I have been working in multinationals since 1991 and since 2000 until today I hold top management positions. I have gone through high standards seminars in Greece and abroad. I chose True-me® to improve communication with my first line managers and instill cooperation and support. Having heard about Nicole from a colleague I decided to trust my instincts and to assigned her to design a program to our Company measures.
She is an excellent hostess, has very good communication skills with her audience, she conveys the messages touching our deepest filters. The true-me® program is an experience. We were set into a frame of mind that sound simple thought it did change our actions.

Multinational corporation, food and drinks industry

“The changes we observed in our employees have been quite remarkable. Changes that included behaviors that created conflicts, delays and nonproductive interaction, but also changes that referred to the holistic approach towards their field of responsibility, their managers, subordinates and peers. The comments collected from the environment during the sessions, but also after the completion of the program indicated a 180-degree shift in behaviors for those who participated in it. These individuals appeared more empowered, more confident, more energetic and willing to cooperate for the achievement of common goals. The most impressive of all has been the short period in which the change occurred. We recommend the Executive and Corporate services of true-me® unconditionally, and seek to cultivate a permanent cooperation with them, to enable other members to benefit from it.”

Multinational Corporation, Service Industry

“What was impressive to us about the executives program of true-me® was the immediate abolition of behaviors that created the problem with the particular associate. Positivity, cooperation and tolerance replaced negativity, centralization and rigidity. The anxiety was replaced by confidence and flexibility in finding solutions. This change had a direct and decisive influence on the total team’s performance”.

Architect, female, 60-year-old

The first thought that comes to my mind, when trying to describe my experience with the True-me ® personal coaching program, is not original: “I became a different person!”- just to ascertain immediately after that … this is not accurate. The truth is that I discovered that I did not need to be a new person to decisively change my perspective of the world, both internally and externally.

What I realized, learned, experienced, and I verified in practice during the program was:

1. That forces that I ignored, but were forever mine, now found a way to emerge and dominate in shaping the scenario where – every day- I play the roles and the scripts of my life.

2. That my inner space is infinitely large to fit comfortably whatever new is attracting and challenging me to incorporate it into my personal marching towards my future – allowing the expansion of all of the components of the bright side of myself. In contrast it becomes small, almost non-existent, when it tries to accommodate anything from the “gray zone” of bitter memories, hard denials, or the dark fears of unnecessary guilt and other negative feelings.

3. That it is Logic in all its dimensions and no other more mysterious or mystical powers, that provides all the necessary tools to enable everyone to “cultivate his garden” (Voltaire) by clarifying all concepts we use – either through meditation or self-conversation.

4. That the internal dimension of FREEDOM, which is captured through the process that it is known as self-knowledge, not only helps but deterministically leads to the situation that normally we all aspire, calling it sometimes happiness or bliss, sometimes security, tranquility, creativity.

5. That the so used and abused nowadays concept of LOVE makes sense only and obtains a dynamic when it first starts from the relationship with ourselves. The phrase “love your neighbor as you love yourself” even as an evangelical exhortation, does clarify that the first necessary condition for a joyful life is satisfied only when Man loves Self. I would add that it is also the most difficult!

I realize at this moment that it is not easy to describe adequately my unique experience from the true-me® program, which made me to turn all indicators of my life towards a bright future and the happiness that I rightfully deserve.

I also understand now what remained continuously in the background during the sessions: The incredible skills of my coach Nicole in this new sport of mine called self-awareness. She hold and guided me constantly, providing me with the feeling and the certainty that it is me creating the change, that I rely on my own strength, that I reclaim and love my own “peculiarities”, that I build with my own resources! So that I knew that the enlightened results that I am experiencing today, my new reality, could only be born from me, was not the subject of a teaching, not presented by example, was not based on any stereotype. It was spring out from myself. And for that reason, it can last forever.

I wish that as many people as possible will allow themselves to have a similar true-me® journey, so that to our society is finally penetrated by this regenerative arrow that aims only towards the bright, refreshing and really abundant tomorrow that we all deserve. ”

Entrepreneur, male, 38-year-old

Nicole’s coaching method is a real breakthrough! I have tried different methods for self-development in the past, and I am declaring here, with absolute honesty, that my experience with true-me® method is equal to none. This is due to Nicole herself, who with her unique energy, unfailing love for people and commitment to results managed to awaken the strengths and talents that I had, but have been unable to see. True-me® program changed my life. Now I feel that everyone has the power to be joyful, successful, and happy – as long as they make a choice for it! Thanks Nicole, for supporting me so substantially.

HR Director 42-year-old

“The whole experience was fantastic for me because: 1) I managed to put my thoughts in order 2) Got out of my comfort zone 3) Learned new things 4) Managed to prioritize my thoughts and reach out to deeper issues that I didn’t realize before 5) Managed to put together a strategic action plan 6) Made my objective clear and to the point and sorted out my values 7) Realized many limiting beliefs and learned how to tackle them.
I would recommend this program to many of my colleagues and friends to get clarity over their priorities, objectives and behaviors. More specifically, I would recommend true-me® as it is not a conventional Executive’s program like all the other coaching programs I have experienced or worked with as an HR director. I believe that is why people get the results they want, faster.”

Plant Director 41-year-old

“It was certainly helpful to me personally, as it made me start thinking and doubting several aspects of my life, or some of my behaviors that were alienating my co-workers and subordinates. Moreover, It opened the door to an area of knowledge I didn’t know existed.”

Logistics Director, 38-year-old

“The coaching program I received was at the time and it is still very useful. It supports you to improve your life and finally “your existence on earth”, by changing the way you observe things, modifying the way you act, realizing what your real target is and how you can reach it in a constructive way. The sessions regarding “beliefs” was the pick of the program for me. If you work on them, you can really totally change your life.”

Creative Director 44-year-old

“Dear Nicole, thank you very much for your help. You supported me by showing me alternative ways and paths and put my thoughts in a better order. I came to you with my head down, and now I am looking high and self-confidently. I still have some road to cover, and I will. What is important is to know where my lighthouse is and where is the light pointing. I trust you because I saw and felt how much you love what you are doing and how much you want to share it with us, to make us stronger and more reassured. You will always be my precious coach”

Business executive, 41 years old

Finding myself in continuous introspection, reading anything relative to psychology, anxiety, internal strength, children upbringing, successful and balanced life, I realized that I had unmet needs. Having as objective to become a better mother, a more successful professional and, above all, a happier and fulfilled human being, I started my sessions at true-me. In a magical way, everything fell into place, everything became simple and feasible, everything could be explained and therefore resolved.
The direct approach of true-me, seeking to offer me solutions today for problems that torment me today, is what makes the difference. After every session with Nicole, I simply felt lighter, more positive, peaceful, ready to face all the aspects of my wonderful life. A new world opened up for me, in which I choose to live with my family.

Business executive, 44 years old

Nicole has it! She is charismatic. She is using this superb strategic mind and skills she developed during her long multinational career and dedicates them to coaching in order to help anyone who asks, without discrimination, because she cares. Personally, I thought she was special and talented ever since I met her in 2004 – on the occasion of a project we worked together on – but now I admire her as a symbol of personal development after we worked closely together on an issue I had. Full of energy, full of ideas, focused on the result and intelligent, she makes the most of the information she receives aiming at “getting the job done” in a loving, caring, dedicated and consistent way. She goes deep and commits to what she is promising; she is credible and has a unique quality as human being. She made it easy for me to trust her and let myself go, she managed to “peel me off” and reach the core of the problem. She was honest and direct and knew exactly how to maintain control even when I made it difficult with my doubts and my own analyses… I was lucky I had her, she was a valuable coach and I thank her from my heart for the spectacular journey she offered me. She was the best captain!

Student of the 6th grade of primary school

Coaching helped me to overcome my stress and to handle my problems with peace of mind. Since I started the sessions I have realized that I can do everything. Coaching taught me to be grateful to life, which makes me feel strong. 🙂