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Coaching Training Announced

Only when a person feels complete himself/herself, can he/she creates a life of joy, peace, harmony and freedom.  That is why we give a lot of emphasis in supporting our Coaches first and then provide them with the methodology, the processes and the tools they need, at every step of their way, so that they  become excellent coaches for their clients.

As the focus of the effort is to move dynamically forward – releasing whatever has been keeping a person stuck in the past –  more and more Corporations and Individuals are hiring a Coach at every stage:

§  Corporations, to enhance performance of associates holding key roles in the organization and/or to support overall productivity.

§  Individuals,  to progress effectively  with their lives, conquer successfully their studies, start dynamically their adulthood, make a career change, transition to a new business, re-assess options, clarify values, or simply create more harmony in their personal or professional relationships.

A Coach’s focus is on empowering clients to arrive at their own conclusions and solutions that will lead them to better, fuller and richer careers and lives. A Coach’s role is to firmly hold the vision of a desired outcome, even if the clients’ current circumstances do not yet show positive evidence of it.

Coaching is a deeply satisfying career choice – at every level – and that goes as well for the financial potential it provides.

Certification is also important; our international, 12-month long, live on-line program provides certification by the True-me® Breakthrough Coaching Academy and the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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