Content of the programs

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The True-me® Breakthrough Coaching Academy provides 4 programs that give you the knowledge, tools and inspiration to conquer different levels of coaching: Level 1, Level 2, Advanced, Holistic. Here are some of the topics that will be discussed during the modules:

Module 1: Strong and Effective Coaching Skills
When you have finished this first module, you will have all the basic skills required to be an excellent coach and you will be able to start working with clients – for a fee, if you choose to.

Topics that will be taught:

  • Basic capabilities and code of conduct applicable to all coaches
  • The skills required to become an excellent coach
  • How a coaching session usually works: from start to end
  • How to co-create a productive relationship with your customers
  • Challenges the coach faces and how to overcome them
  • How to be an authentic coach with your own style
  • How to define the “ideal customer” and how to attract him/her
  • When to refer a customer to another specialist, and how to “dismiss” a client

Module 2, 3, 4: The True-Me® Breakthrough Coaching Method
The True-me® method seeks to lead the individual to fulfillment by mobilizing all his/her capabilities. This can be achieved by opening the channel for cooperation and connection between one’s spiritual and cognitive entity. The method provides information, techniques and procedures oriented toward a systematic and organized awakening of the individual into a new, more productive way of thinking and acting, which in turn, may lead to a desirable and happy daily experience. More specifically:

Module 2: True-Me® Breakthrough Coaching I
You will learn how to support your clients acquire a deep knowledge of their true desires, the way of thinking that supports or hinders their current results and the values that determine their experiences.

Topics that will be taught:

  • How the brain works
  • Determining the deep issue of the client
  • How to set a productive and empowered goal
  • Beliefs – positive and limiting
  • How to create empowering beliefs
  • Values and anti-values

Module 3: True-Me® Breakthrough Coaching II
You will gain awareness and release the obstacles you identified in module 2. The effort will focus on supporting the clients to align the desired action with the inner self – that possesses all the knowledge and wisdom the individuals need – so that they get oriented in shaping the purpose of their lives and releasing whatever currently impedes them.

Topics that will be taught:

  • Emotions and their role in our lives
  • Breakthrough technology to release negative emotions and negative beliefs
  • Identifying and integrating the future that the client desires to experience

Module 4: True-Me® Breakthrough Coaching III
You will help your clients formulate rules and behaviors that will lead them to choose the identity they desire to embrace, followed by action strategies that will support the systematic achievement of their objectives.

Topics that will be taught:

  • Needs
  • Rules
  • Identity

Module 5: The seven basic laws of the universe
In this section, you will be trained in 7 basic universal laws and you will learn specific processes to guide your clients to the results they want to achieve. Moreover, you will experience a personal transformation that will further help you to be your best self, and therefore, the best coach for your clients.

Topics that will be taught:

  • Processes to work with your clients and help them -step by step- to acquire clarity about any issue that is bothering them and create success in their lives
  • Ad-hoc topics that your clients can bring to a session, and how to cope effectively as a coach.

Module 6: Clarity and Empowerment
The purpose of this module is for you to learn and implement ways to support your clients set up an internal dialogue, so that they can align with their own true goals. That is, you will learn strategies, procedures and techniques that will transform your clients’ lives directly and deeply.

Topics that will be taught:

  • The art of meditation and its implementation
  • Trust and its role in achieving goals
  • The inner child and the subpersonalities
  • Future Visioning

Module 7: Putting it all together

In this module, our students will have the opportunity to put together all the knowledge received and put it into practice in real live sessions. Our step by step method will be reviewed, and the capabilities and skills needed will be practiced, to the benefit of the coaches and their clients.

Module 8: Building your business
In this section, the emphasis will be on how to build your business and the tools that can support you achieving it.

Topics that will be taught:

  • How to offer your coaching services
  • Making your coaching company’s marketing strategy and plan
  • How to present yourself as a specialist
  • Your personal path for a profitable business

The live events will give you an opportunity to come in contact with like minded people, your co-students, creating in such a way a community of solidarity and support that will last for a life time. During those events, you will also be able  to exchange thoughts, observations, concerns, progress your personal development with exercises that are not taught in any of the modules and be supported to become the best coach you can be, for your own and your client’s benefits. The events will take place at the middle of the course and after the end of the academy.