Examples - Case Studies

Case Study #1: Plant Director

Appointed to a new high profile role, talented manufacturing plant executive of a leading international consumer products company with regional sales and distribution operations, displayed alienating and non-productive interpersonal skills issues. Through executive coaching, she managed to create strong alliance within her team, gaining perspective on diversity and individual contribution, opening her management style to be more inclusive,  dealt constructively with her reporting communication lines and led the plant to a +5% productivity KPIs increase within her first year of appointment.

Case Study #2: Logistics Director

Leader of a large team of people and many company sites, with long lasting and unique expertise in the market, but holding up to past practices and  behaviors and exhibiting difficulty to adjust to management changes, displaying alienating and at time offensive behaviors and blocking the overall productivity of the production side of the company.  The client was not aware of the impact of his behavior to the teams, subordinates and management, nor the disruption he was creating by no following the new tools and strategies.  Through executive coaching, he re-designed his professional profile, re-engaged in the company’s new mission and became again a reckoned business player. A year after coaching, he got promoted to a high-profile international role.

Case Study #3: Client Service Director

Highly reckoned in the Advertising world, candidate for a General management position, but with significant stress and anger outburst and blaming approach that put her candidacy at stake.  During coaching, she managed to identify root cause of problem, gain control of her emotions, regained her self-confidence and adopted a solutions oriented behavior that allowed her to attract 2 major new clients, increasing company’s revenue by 2.5% during 2013 and contributing with 4 of her team’s projects to the company’s industry recognition as the Leading agency of  2013.