Corporate Coaching

The true-me® Breakthrough Corporate Coaching programme is a versatile method that can be adjusted to the needs of every company and business, keeping in mind the  mission, vision,  and culture of the organisation and finding the common ground with the personal values and goals of its employees.

The true-me® Breakthrough Corporate Coaching programme aims to:

  • Guide the company in clearly forming its vision, purpose, direction, strategy and targets.
  • To reinforce values such as communication, commitment, passion and accountability in all members of the company.
  • To unite the targets, actions and expectations of the employees with those of the company.
  • To lift boundaries and offer new alternatives.
  • To challenge the company and its management to reconsider their standards and aim for the best
  • To increase work and career satisfaction and the sense of fulfilment when achieving personal goals.
  • To put together a positive and productive team, whose members give their colleagues their best, while making the most of their individual potential.