What is Coaching?


Coaching is a developmental, continuous process of interaction between two people, the Coach and the client. During this process the client is supported in his/her effort to discover and evolve his/her skills, achieve his/her goals and produce the results he/she is after.

The change is implemented through communication (questions, deep thinking, metaphors, exercises, examples, assignments, guided focusing, visualization, etc.) The Coach supports the development, learning, professional evolution and personal improvement of the client. He/she facilitates the change, guides, activates, motivates, trains, tests, provokes, encourages the client to express his/her real wishes, find his/her own real self. The Coach uses his/her knowledge to guide others in accessing their highest potential and live the life they deserve.

The Coach examines how the client thinks and develops his/her thinking, what language he/she uses and how he/she behaves. The Coach process how all these interact and affect the life of the person. If the results are not the desirable, the Coach will guide the client through changes that will bring the desired effect. In order to make these changes permanent, it is imperative to attain alignment between thinking, expression and behavior. The inconsistency or misalignment between our behavior and our deeper thoughts is many a times the reason for the problems we experience.

True-me®, breakthrough coaching, is applied in many fields, like Business Administration, Sales, Sports, Relationships, Career, Spiritual Development and Psychotherapy. It provides tailor-made techniques and methodologies of support for businesses of any size, as well as for individuals or whole families.