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Feeling Abundant is the beginning of it all

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Feeling Abundant is the beginning of it all

In every moment you can choose to see your bank account and think “ there is not enough”. Or you can see your overflowing fridge, and say “ I have plenty of everything I need, to get me through this day, and the next day, and the day after that”. The first is a scarcity mindset; the second is an abundant one. One makes you shrink, the other expands you. 

All of the possibilities of the Universe are available to us in every single breath we take. The ones that come into our reality are the ones we focus on.

Scarcity is a possibility. Plenty is a possibility. The one upon which we put our attention is the one we will receive. It’s that simple― and that profound.

If you do not feel the abundance mindset, you are going to be in scarcity, even if you have millions in your bank account. I have seen it, many times over, from very different people. Having money is not the answer, the issue is way deeper. So let me give you a different perspective: We live in an abundant universe. We need only to look at nature to see that there is an unlimited display of remarkable things and experiences: the infinity of the stars, the foliage of trees and flowers, the waves, the pebbles and the sand; an immense collection of different animal and plant species. Not to mention, a diverse variety of human experiences, various types of happiness, successes and achievements.

Then, why we feel there is not enough? It is just our upbringing, our conditioning, our training, on a draining, exhausting, mindset of scarcity.

Knowing the above, you must ask yourself: “When will I feel that I have enough? When will I feel satisfied? When I lose ten kilos? When I have 1 million euros in your bank account? When I find my ideal partner, when I land the perfect job, or when I get to own the house of my dreams?”

Abundance, like happiness, is an inside job, and it starts―as all evolution does―with a choice.

If you don’t feel abundant right now, it’s time for an internal shift. And, believe me, it’s not wishful thinking; instead, consider it a preparation for when your material windfall hits. Because if you don’t shift your mindset now, you won’t appreciate your abundance when it comes. Instead, you’ll find a reason why, once again, it’s not enough.
If you are always looking outside of yourself – at circumstances and situations – to become more, you are not in the now and appreciating what you have.

When, instead, you are coming from a place of feeling that everything in your life -right now- is sufficient, you will know great peace. When you feel gratitude for what you currently have, while at the same time feeling excited for all the things you desire to manifest, you will know complete joy. Simply put, abundance is the feeling that everything you need to move forward in life will be available to you at precisely the right time, and the willingness to recognize and receive those things when they present themselves.


4 roads to your Abundance

An abundance mindset is not about fooling yourself. It is simply a different way of seeing, reacting to, and talking to yourself about your reality.
Anywhere in your life that you see scarcity is a great place to start your internal shift. And, as I’ve discovered through working with people from around the world, scarcity shows up in some pretty unexpected places. Here are four roads to up level your abundance right now, without adding a single cent to your bank account.

Be open to life: When you wear a hard shell around your heart, you’re saying, “It’s not safe to be who I am, or feel how I feel.” That message of “not safe” impacts your abundance, too. Think of how much more supported you will feel in all areas of your life when you allow others to be there for you. Trust me, there are people in your life who want nothing more than to be of service.

Be grateful for what you have: Cultivate a gratitude practice. When you focus on the multiple resources that are available to you in each moment, you will feel more stable and secure. And then you can plan with calm and faith the future.

Stop competing: When you find yourself in competition, jealousy, or judgment, you are saying to the Universe, “There isn’t enough for all of us to have what we want.” That has being cultivated by our upbringing, our bosses, our society. So that you remain «small». Stop thinking of that and focus on what you can do, to give yourself a meaningful, big life. Things will then shift for you so much that you will be surprised.

Be willing to receive: Every time you close yourself off to receiving, you shut a door in the face of your abundance. This is true, no matter how big or small the offering is. So, be opened to receive the gifts that come from the generosity or goodness of others. Allow the stream of abundance to flow unimpeded into your life, not only from you, but also to you.

You are the only one who can choose your reality, only you can decide what’s possible for you and what you are worth; and believe me, you are worthy of receiving everything this Universe has to offer. It Is your birthright. So, be open to take it.

Make the choice, with faith, to get your mind and heart on board with abundance right now, regardless of what your current situation looks like, and let the magical cascade of receiving begin!

Nicole Mantzikopoulou, December 2018