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You are currently viewing GET READY FOR SUCCESS! 2020 IS HERE!

You’re at the beginning of the year 2020. What a beautiful sound it has! You are in a good mood and can imagine that many wonderful things will happen to you. However, it is only when you consciously set your intentions and goals that you begin to walk towards them.

You have heard me saying that everything in the universe is energy. So, it’s important to determine now the ‘energy’ you want to move to this year. This way, as you travel forward, you will come across what you have defined today, as purposeful creators. By doing this, you are preparing yourself for success, for development and for gaining the ability to understand and overcome adversities, if they appear along the way.

2019 might have been a year of many personal challenges, which required a lot of internal work. Those years are very useful, because they prepare you for the good things to come. 2020 can be the year of clarity and creation.

So, here is what I propose you do to get ready for the wonderful new year:

1. First of all, as we said before, think about the energy you want to attract. Choose the “essence” of what you want to experience, in every area of ​​your life – body/health, finances, personal relationships, business/career, family, friends. What is the feeling you want to dominate in your life? Freedom? Joy? Recognition? Serenity? Abundance? Love? Acceptance? After you select it, give your year a title. I, for example, have titled 2020 as “The Year of Love”.Give yourself a title in the coming year, to remind you of the deeper meaning of the experiences you seek to get.

2. Then, it is important to decide what your goals are for the year to come, the 3 priorities of your life. This will help you keep focus and align throughout the year. Thus, when situations that are often interesting and distracting come up – and they have nothing to do with the priorities you set – you do not fall in their trap and do not scatter your energy, but stay centered, so you can create the things that really make sense to you.

3. The third thing I suggest you do is to think about how you want to be, on December 31, 2020. See your future self as she/she stands happy and flooded with the energy you set out today. He/she is experiencing happiness as all of his/her goals are fulfilled and he/she is immersed in the energy -the essence- you determine as your goal today.

With these few steps, you are consciously influencing your future and make it to be what you want it to be. 

So, I wish you a wonderful, happy and fulfilled 2020!  and I look forward to you sharing your successes with me (, so that we move forward together in shaping the life we ​​deserve – and inspire also others to do the same!

Happy New Year!