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You are currently viewing HEALTH, THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL

With Covid-19 still around, we are forced to remember that Health is the most valuable asset of life.

Without health, nothing is important – because we do not have the strength to do what we want.

As we timidly enter the holiday season, I would like to remind you of the importance of taking care of yourself, to support it keep its physical well-being. I understand that this is not always easy, when work or other situations cause stress. But if you can offer yourself some moments of care and positivity, you will be able to better face whatever is happening to you.

Rest is a kind of self-care. It offers our body the opportunity for repair and growth, which it needs to keep healthy.

Beyond that, however, rest can support you in gaining an empowering perspective on the situation you are experiencing or on your life as a whole. When you are relaxed, you see everything more possible and achievable, and your actions can be more dynamic and effective.

And when your body realizes that you are achieving your goals, because you feel satisfied and happy, it becomes stronger, your immune system is strengthened, and your well-being grows. It is a positive cycle.

Thus, it is not a weird thing to want to take care of yourself. It is an obligation you have towards you and towards those around you.

Here are some ideas to take care of yourself this summer and prepare it for a new start:

  • Move slowly, without haste. Nothing will change if it takes you 5 minutes longer to get from point A to point B. Nothing – except that you will give your body a new, healthier rhythm.
  • Eat light meals. During the summertime, there are so many tasty fruits and vegetables! Enjoy them and replace 1-2 meals a day with them.
  • Swim in the sea, move inside the water and realize its greatness. How do you feel in that embrace?
  • Make short or long getaways to change your mind, learn something new, gain new images. Refresh yourself by interrupting your normal flow of thoughts.
  • Allow yourself to dream. What do you want; Repeat it daily to yourself with faith and joy. Plant the seed and – being consistent in your new thoughts – see it grow.
  • Practice honest appreciation of what you have and feel grateful for what is to come.

From Nicole Mantzikopoulou