How to beat procrastination, by Adrianna Kalogeropoulou

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When we experience difficult situations with a name – i.e., COVID pandemic, the balance of our lives is disrupted, and suffocating conditions (real or psychological) are created. How could we react? How could we beat procrastination and inertia that usually follows these circumstances? By exercising action.

The decision for action activates, supports, strengthens, and removes us from the cogs of procrastination and endless thought. It is action and the result of it that stimulates the positivity of our thinking. And you can conquer this behavior by following 7 simple steps, consciously and consistently!

Step 1: The transition from thinking to action.

To build a mindset for action and approach the desired outcome, we should pass from the thought field to the action field by developing a simple and clear strategy of approach.

e.g.  Ιnput : “I want to write a speech”, Growth strategy: “I research on the subject of interest”, Outcome: “I write my speech”

Step 2: Create a new time block for daily engagement.

Define the time block in which you will work with the goal daily, exclusively, effectively and with focus. This action needs to be defined and planned for and you should be committed to this time block every day, e.g “Between 7.30am – 8.30 am I will deal with my goal”. Use the reminder function on your mobile to support you in this.

Step 3: Take an action now.

Start the journey to reach the goal by making the first move now. Small steps towards our goal strengthen us, fill us with joy and confidence, invigorate us and brings the goal closer to us.  Do you want to create a website? Find a web-designer. Do you want to change jobs? Work on your resume. Want to write an article? Find the topic. Try it now and travel the first kilometer of your trip!

Step 4: Create an operational timetable.

A timetable is needed to develop the course of action towards the goal. Define, the period to achieve your goal, e.g., a month. A period in which you will be activated daily, faithfully, with specific actions. A period where you will record your results and revisit them, how you started and where you finally got to. It is a process that will pleasantly surprise you. Take action based on your timetable and use your time constructively!

Step 5: Drop unnecessary burdens.

Revisit and revise your list of goals and actions. Avoid doing things that burden you and do not bring results. At the same time, set your priorities so that you can launch new plans and goals. It would be very helpful to use a diary and re-evaluate your list every regularly, e.g. every 15 days.

Step 6: Find an ally

For better results an ally of reference and communication can be the catalyst. A friend, a colleague, a relative, a coach with whom you will share the development of your goal, your progress, your thoughts and feelings. 20 minutes per week with your ally are enough to enhance considerably your chances of success.

Step 7: Use activation routines

Watch your daily routines, choose those that can provide a stimuli to move you towards your goal easier e.g. “when I wash the dishes I think my website design”, “when I start driving I search for possible partners for my project”, “when I wake up, I visualize the success of my goal”.

Every moment is suitable for activation. Selfsufficiency in action depends on you, embrace it!