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New Edition: “Why Hasn’t Anyone Told Me?”

An insightful practical and empowering coaching book that will reveal a world of endless possibilities and help you gradually create a new reality.

Nowadays, people tend to have more experiences of stress and frustration, than of comfort and pleasure. Despite the plethora of goods and opportunities, they insist on seeing the glass as being half-empty, in some or all the areas of their life.
That is simply because, they were never taught all the rules governing life and, therefore, it is difficult for them to win the game.
The purpose of this book is to teach you these rules. To open a window in your mind and provide you with the parameters that will help you form a life of abundance and gratification.

If you are really committed to change your life, abandon your excuses and and enter the path where your desires await you, this book is for you. Read it and be ready to receive an amazing gift.

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Includes Workbook, for practical exercising.