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Hi, my name is Nicole Mantzikopoulou and Ι believe that life is about experiencing joy, love, contribution and growth on a daily basis, choosing from the never-ending possibilities that surround us.

I wake up every morning without an alarm clock and start my day at dawn, jumping out of bed eager to enjoy a 40 minutes swim at my neighborhood’s gym. I return home to enjoy my morning coffee, and continue with my daily empowering habits, checking on my goals, writing on my “Gratitude Notebook” and meditating for approximately another 40 minutes. After such start of a day, I feel both, energized and peaceful, ready to receive the gifts that life will bring.

My next move is to wake up, my two teenage sons, the biggest treasure I have been blessed with. We will see each other again at lunchtime, to share a nutritional, healthy and balanced meal and exchange our daily experiences. As I see them grow, physically, spiritually and mentally, evolving to become the best they can be, looking at life with faith, excitement and the willingness to contribute to the higher good, I know I have done a good job and that is absolutely fulfilling.

My mornings and my afternoons are devoted to my work as a CEO of a fast growing Coaching business, Leader of a small team of people with the same vision and as a Business, Executive and Life Coach, for Corporations and Individuals seeking support to progress towards and empowered future. This is my time to be a World Server. This is the time where I put my talents to work, and live my life purpose.

So Who am I? I am a World Server, a creator of possibilities, a beacon of joy, a catalyst for growth, a builder of empowered people. I am a thought leader of personal change. I am a coach, a businessperson, a mother, a friend, a writer, and an educator. I am a humble human being trying to make a difference in the world. I am no guru. I identify with the high parts of my being and see the parts of me that need development as a chance for further learning and growth. I have embarked in an eternal journey of personal development, conquering new realms on a daily basis. I am a happy and fulfilled human being.

Of course, as for more of us, my life was not always like that.

Few years back, I will wake up under the stressful noise of the alarm clock. Immediately my heart will sink and I will feel intense agony in my stomach. I will need to check on my calendar to remember where I was supposed to be on the day, in which country, which airport, which meeting, for which business case. As a high ranking Corporate Executive, I was responsible for worldwide operations and projects, which although I loved and thrive on, after 20 years of the same they were leaving me overworked, overstressed, exhausted and feeling absolutely empty inside. After a draining week, I will return home, extremely stressed and filled with guilt, for not being present in my kid’s life and struggling to play the rest of the roles I was expected to. Because it was not enough to be a high performing and effective businessperson and a caring mother, I also “had to be” a caring wife, loving daughter, supporting sister and friend. After years of playing on the same scenario, I had managed to loose myself in the middle of all of it. At 42 I looked like 52, and was unable to loosen up, not even when sleeping or on vacations.


Soon enough, everything around me fall apart: marriage, work, and family. Everything I had ever built and all that I ever thought was true came crashing down, in a matter of months. Death, betrayal, divorce slap me on the face. I was so shocked by the recurrent mishaps and setbacks that I had no other choice but to switch to survival mode, so as to be able to handle the situations in the best way possible. However, my wounds were deep and I felt as if they kept following me in every step that I took; in the same way that chains tail after a convict.

So, how did I manage to get from that dark point to where I am now – and more importantly, how does that apply to you? I learned how the mind works, and how to make it the biggest ally in the creation of a wonderful reality. I learned the laws of the universe and how to align with them so as to systematically create the results desired. I learned how to work with my own energy field, so that I can manifest my deepest dreams and a life of joy and purpose that I can savor daily… and that purpose is focused in teaching YOU to achieve the same, as you also have within you all the talents you need to experience your deepest desires, a healthy and fit body, a fulfilling career, a joyful parenthood, a passionated and trustful relationship, an abundant living.

Very often people ask me what I believe is the reason that so many people choose me as their Coach – either at my Private Practice or within my Corporate & Business Coaching practice. Well, my clients feedback about my authentic and unconditional intention to serve, my ability to hold a vision for them as I see their “true self” behind their current personality and role playing – but most importantly, it is my holistic, practical, empowering, step by step and effective methodology for transformation. My clients get awareness of who they are and get mesmerized as they discover their own power to change their own life. Soon enough they will feel joyful, abundant, inspired and strong, fully equipped to enter the life path of their choice.

I would like to invite you to embark on this journey that will transform the way you see yourself and your possibilities. A journey that will teach you the power of the mind and the gently manifestation of the inner self. All you have to do is to make the decision to allow yourself out of whatever is not working for you and enter into a world of endless possibilities. I will be your trustful guide and hold your vision through out the journey until you reach your enlighten destination.

Nicole Mantzikopoulou

Νικόλ Μαντζικοπούλου