October 6, 2021 – Develop Breakthrough Skills

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This summer, along with a well-deserved resting, is time to dream. It is time to imagine a different tomorrow, where you will feel emancipated and empowered. Where you will have a deeper understanding of your own life. Where you will find yourself achieving goals that seemed difficult or elusive. Where you will feel not only the desire to help other people, but also have the ability to do so.

You can conquer all of these and much more, as long as you believe you can, as long as you learn how to think, how to behave and how to act effectively. The True-me Breakthrough Coaching Academy program is designed with the purpose to teach you exactly that.

A new cycle of studies begins in October 6, 2021. Use the time until September to think about whether you want to be trained, to practice and acquire the required coaching skills, while offering support to the people around you.

If the answer is YES, stay tune to get advantage of the Early Bird discount in early September. For more information https://truemeacademy.com

The program is certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) as a Continuing Coach Education (CCE) program.