One-to-One Sessions

If you feel absolutely READY to change your life, this is the service for you. It is during these one-to-one sessions where actual transformation of the individual happens- through a deep and very personal journey of self-knowledge, liberation and redefinition of Self.

This is an in-depth process of interaction between the Coach and the client, where the client is supported to discover true desires, evolve abilities, defy personal barriers (conscious or unconscious) achieve objectives and thus create the life he or she desires.

This work is done by in person meetings or via Skype – depending on where the customer is located, in Greece or abroad.

Recently, many successful people in the world – politicians, athletes, business executives, celebrities and others –have permanently integrated in their life personal coaching sessions, a fact that constantly provides them with a head start and enables them to be the most successful in their field.

Nowadays, this life changing service is accessible to all who wish to improve some area of their life and want to help themselves achieve even higher objectives and infuse their everyday with success, joy, abundance and fulfillment. Regardless of whether you are 16 or 50 years old, man or woman, business executive or entrepreneur, parent or student, married or unattached, with or without work, our personal sessions tell you how to break down barriers and create the future you desire.

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