Private Group Coaching Workshops & Tele-Seminars

During our group coaching workshops and tele-seminars we present participants with leading edge information for transformation and success within an interactive framework.  This is complemented by the true-me methodologies and tools for in-depth understanding and immediate practical application of the new knowledge to ensure that the journey of transformation starts there and then.

There are two categories of Group Coaching workshops & tele-seminars:

  1. Group Coaching for Developing Mental Power and
  2. Group Coaching for Developing Spiritual Power

1. Group Coaching for Mental Power Development seeks to induce self-knowledge, re-define current self and establish a new empowering framework of thinking for effective and productive action in the future.

Among the topics covered under this spectrum are:

  • The brain, its functionality and capabilities. Learn to speak its language and make it your most efficient ally in conquering your goals.
  • The mental forces that determine human behavior and how to tame them to produce your chosen results.
  • The discoveries of Quantum Physics and Neuro-Science that bring a new understanding of how the natural laws affect your experience.
  • Personal and Collective Beliefs and their impact in empowering or limiting your behaviors.
  • Our Values and Anti-values and how they direct the focus of your actions.
  • Rules and Codes of Conduct that impact the enjoyment of life at a daily basis.
  • The purpose of Life and the fulfillment of it.
  • The mind set of abundance and how to master it.
  • Principles and basic techniques to support a happy and empowered development of your children.

2. Group Coaching for Spiritual Power Development seeks to support you adopt an energetic thought pattern that is in sync with your aspirations. These classes include creative visualization techniques that support individuals to focus their energy towards their target and therefore magnetize the results that they aim for.

Among the topics covered under this spectrum are:

  • The Spiritual Laws of the Universe and how to align with them to facilitate and speed up the results you desire.
  • Human Spirit and it’s limitless possibilities.
  • Releasing the past and re-designing your Personality.
  • The Future and how to deliberately create it.
  • The Principles of Abundance and how to master them.
  • Ideal Relationships at any level and how to attract and groom them.