Some Breakthrough, empowering questions which shall transform your life!

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In many occasions, our perception of things helps us enjoy more whatever comes our way, or, in contrast, renders us miserable and unhappy. What you should keep in mind is that the quantity of the effort and energy needed in any of both those cases-as unlikely this might seem- is the same.

So when you feel overwhelmed, as from lifting countless weights or like you have fallen into a well from which you cannot escape, this would be the most appropriate time to look deeper and explore what it is that needs to be healed, to be put behind or be released by you. Many times, your issues are just a matter of prospect or some rooted conviction which you hold. And it is a matter of fact that this rooted thought/conviction that you hold feels really genuine…Is this the truth, however?

In order for you to be able to answer to yourselves, I am sharing with you some empowering questions which will help you convert – towards a more positive direction- any kind of life situation comes your way.

1 When you feel that a lot is happening lately and some issues are out of control, there usually lies a basic issue demanding your immediate attention-even if you do not realize it. Thus, an appropriate question to ask might be:

• “What is it that demands my immediate attention, right here and now?”

The answers you might get from your own mind may surprise you, as you may not have realized yet some of the important things that you do. This could be because –until now- you had not set definite boundaries, or that you yourselves did not respect your own. Or it could be that you don’t invest enough time to take care of yourself, or even that you haven’t recognized what it is to which you show too much tolerance.

2 Many times you feel that you have to do something different from what you usually do, or you want to encourage yourselves to come out of your comfort zone. Then you might hear a voice inside of you nagging, repeating that you are not good enough to succeed in it and your self-doubts powerfully emerge. At this point, keeping in mind that it is always your thoughts and rooted convictions which create your reality, you can ask yourselves the following questions:

• Whose belief is this? How did it appear?
• Do I –really- know that this belief is valid?
• Do I really want to believe this?
• What shall I create by holding onto this belief?

3 When you are not sure about which choice is the most suitable for you and you feel that you are in the “analysis-paralysis” situation, ask yourselves:

• What will change in my future if I make this choice?

This contemplation will help you understand in a more detailed way every alternative prospect opening for you, and through that process you will be motivated to be inspired and act in ways which agree more to your purposes.

4 Some times, when we go through hardships, it is difficult to recognize a positive side. However, if you keep yourselves open and you realize that everything happens for you, not to you, you can gain a lot more information and expand yourselves as you go along. Some questions which might help you are:

• Which other meaning could this hard situation hold for me?
• What am I invited to see, to learn, to change?

5 In the case where you have managed to be open and receptive to new situations, you can collect even greater earnings/gifts from what is happening, by asking yourselves:

• What will happen if this event brings over opportunities which I could not even think of?
• What can I do with it?

All the above questions can be repeatedly applied, in different phases of your lives, for you to succeed in changing your prospect in things, in any challenge or situation. At the end of it all, the way we react or respond to certain events and rooted thoughts to which we are attached to, will create the world in which we shall live in and the experiences we shall have. Thus, you can control your thoughts and adopt the best and more productive convictions to follow, to lead your life into the outcome of your longings.

May You Have Good Luck!