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Coaching is an extremely satisfying career choice at every level.

The focus of coaching is not on fixing the customers, but on empowering them to arrive at their own conclusions and solutions that will lead them to better, fuller and richer lives. Each one of us was born with an internal guidance system which, if followed, would lead us to realize our wishes. By showing your clients how to reconnect and direct this inner wisdom, you help them to return to alignment with their higher goals. The Coach is simply the conduit through which these shifts of consciousness occur.

Nevertheless, besides the satisfaction and completion that every contact with a customer will give you, this profession also offers the opportunity to earn a significant income per day.

If you decide to be the owner of your coaching business, you will have the freedom to set your own charge, set your own schedule and select the number of customers you want to see on a given day. Still, you can work from the comfort of your home or from almost any location in the world. The lifestyle you will enjoy as a professional coach is unlimited in flexibility and financial reward. A study conducted last year by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in 137 countries, on behalf of the International Coach Federation (ICF), reveals that the average professional Coach gains 180 euros per hour.

Beyond that, however, it is a path that encourages your personal constant growth and expansion, because it is impossible to support others to realize their full potential without realizing and expanding your own.

Another advantage worth noting is that it is not necessary (nor recommended) to stop the job you are doing today and to jump into your new career. Instead, you can smoothly transition to your new job, perhaps by working part time, up until you have a good sense of your new profession and fill ready to make the move.