The new academy cycle is starting soon

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The new academy cycle is starting soon. It may be that this is the opportunity you were waiting for,  to do something for you, whist contributing to the world. Help yourself decide whether this is the step your life and your career needs. Get inspired by what our students say:

“…I feel privileged to have enjoyed such a rich learning experience and I feel that aside from learning to coach others I have learned to coach myself in my everyday life, which given the current multitude of challenges I am navigating, I feel stronger than ever in working through and trusting the Universe will provide the best outcomes for all.

I offer deepest gratitude to my teacher Nicole Mantzikopoulou for the growth I have been privileged to experience through her role as master coach, holding me as a learner every step of the way. 

Sincere thanks too to our Mentor and Fellow Coachees in my Pod Group for the learning we shared which without them it would not have been what it has become, a long-lasting friendship.

Finally, the administrative team I sincerely thank for their support and efficiency in handling all aspects of the certification program.

May this Academy like that which Plato founded have the same lasting impact in the legacy it will also leave as well as the ways it will serve the common good in these critical times we live currently on a global scale.

Thank you.”. 

– Elena Paleologou Antonacopoulou, University Professor,  1 October 2020.

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