Transform Yourself Step by Step


If your life is not what you want it to be and you feel that you deserve something better, if there is an area you have not conquered yet, if your every day life is not balanced, if you wish to make an important change like quitting smoking, obsessive eating or drinking, you can act now and get what you wish for. Learn all about Coaching and you will never be the same!


We discover together the mental process that takes place naturally in your brain. By discovering how you think, we guide you to improve your strategies and achieve your goals in a systematic way.


The Coach does not dictate what you need to do. He/she guides you in using your own capabilities, existing strategies and values. By discovering your natural capabilities, the Coach can help to make the most of them, so that you can take the necessary actions and accomplish the results you are after.


Most behavioral changes take place in a deeper mental level. The participation and the cooperation of the subconscious are required. The Coach brings the conscious and the subconscious into contact and “requests” from both of them to make change happen.


The empowerment process does not focus on your life as it has been until today; it focuses on your future objectives and your development as a person while reaching for these goals. Little time is invested in delving into the problem or the past. The focus remains on the structure of the hindrances that prevent you from achieving your goals and on the effort to change this structure and make the goals attainable.


Already from the first session, you will feel that your life can change. How far you can get and how fast you will move, depend on your readiness to discover, understand and accept the deeper reason of your problem, free yourself from any restraint, shape a new strategy of thinking and acting, and finally, go ahead and experience your new choices. The process is easy and fast! Depending on the problem, you may need on average 8-12 sessions in order to accomplish the changes you are after.

There is a unique prerequisite before you start this journey – your own commitment to change your life.

The power lies within you!