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True leaders are always an Inspiration

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True leaders are always an Inspiration

Those who know me will say that I am a practical person, focused entirely on results – a quality that has been following me since I can remember myself. Theory is great, but things need to be applied in order to be useful and meaningful. Words and ideas bombard us every day. But what is it that really works and deserves our attention?

If you are a little like me, you would like to apply things in your life that have proven to work. You would like to know which strategies and procedures can – not maybe, but certainly – improve your daily routine when you decide to follow them. Life is short, why should we re-invent the wheel? We can pass through the steps that have already been taken and faster – if not immediately- reach essence and substantial change.

With this thought, I began to meet people who are considered by society successful, acclaimed, leaders, to see how they have achieved to reach their goals. One individual would introduced me to the next, so I created a colorfulweb with many faces and many different approaches. By composing this net, it was obvious that the principles by which these people guide their lives are not at all accidental, nor is the way they were formed. Those principles were sought – consciously or subconsciously – recognized and then used, as an unmistakable compass on their journey. This does not necessarily mean that the route was easy, but it means that it was authentic, full of true drive and focused on purpose.

You can find here below some of the common threads:

  • Strength, Awareness and the Willingness to develop Self make them true fighters and leaders of life.
  • They live by a lifestyle that is a mirror of their Inner Self, that is, they are true to themselves, a stance that has helped them reach- repeatedly -their higher potential.

  • They believe that they can do everything, and that possibility is not the privilege of the few. As was characteristically been said:“People are strong. There are no real barriers. Whatever we want, we can”.
  • Leaders are never complacent. They are looking for new experiences, new knowledge and new paths. They have placed themselves in a state of perpetual learning and self-improvement. Progress is a way of life and they are constantly looking to make themselves better.

  • They are defined by a frame of thought that leads to a life where Self-Determination, Self- Sovereignty is the norm. They believe and have Confidence in themselves.
  • They have a Results Oriented approach that has significant tangible fruits to display.

  • Real leaders do not have a concept of Exposure, do not fear or avoid it. They are oriented to try and be challenged, to have new experiences and in this way, to learn;

  • They have conquered important fields and are on their way to conquer the next.

  • They are extremely happy and they emit such a nice positive energy that people feel awe and want to be close to them.

  • They recognize that life is full of unexpected events; however these can be dealt with.

  • They all have a deep faith in their strength to cope with difficulties. They find solutions for themselves and others.

  • They have an intense desire to contribute. Their instinct have led them to understand that, through this process, they can be driven to their infinite potential.
  • They know exactly what they want, they get there first with their imagination and then move constantly towards the prosperity of their goals.
  • Leaders recognize that they have achieved their goal when they sense the feeling of completeness that it brings them.

Someone included in a small phrase, all the essence of his existence and his stunning attitude to life:“Simply by being here, I have it all. So I can contribute, add value and be happy”.

If you recognize these treats on yourself, you know what you are made of. Keep walking and shine your light to the rest of us.

Nicole Mantzikopoulou