What is the true-me® Method?

Most of us have been trained to respond to any stimuli coming from our environment and surroundings. Depending on whether the circumstances or the events of our life are positive or unpleasant, we may observe our emotions and our behaviours being formed automatically and getting recycled, without our full conscious participation.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a developmental, continuous process of interaction between two people, the Coach and the client. During this process the client is supported in his/her effort to discover and evolve his/her skills, achieve his/her goals and produce the results he/she is after….

Objectives of the true-me® Method

The True-me® method seeks to help each person motivate their complete self by opening the path for cooperation of mind and spirit. In this way, one will discover infinite possibilities to help achieve results that seemed out of reach or even impossible up to this day.


Transform Yourself Step by Step

If your life is not what you want it to be and you feel that you deserve something better, if there is an area you have not conquered yet, if your every day life is not balanced, if you wish to make an important change like quitting smoking, obsessive eating or drinking, you can act now and get what you wish for. Learn all about Coaching and you will never be the same!