true-me® Method

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Most of us have been trained to respond to any stimuli coming from our environment and surroundings. Depending on whether the circumstances or the events of our life are positive or unpleasant, we may observe our emotions and our behaviours being formed automatically and getting recycled, without our full conscious participation. This outward orientation can often lead us to adopting others  values and ambitions, in order for us to be liked and accepted socially, without ever wondering whether these coincide with our own needs or ultimate goals.

In order to respond to this outward orientation we continually train and sharpen our mental, intellectual capabilities, measuring our success and value against what we have accomplished (education, titles, money, family, children, etc.) according to others’ behaviour and their standards forced upon us. We analyse, judge, compare and rationalise everything happening to us without it ever crossing our minds whether these processes are leading us towards personal growth or not. Our world is predetermined and even when we experience a life that is less than what we would like, we don’t exert ourselves to achieve something greater. The reason for this lies in our conservation of attitudes and beliefs that transfer to others the responsibility of our circumstances, leaving us powerless and devoid of control.

Nevertheless, we are not only creatures of mind but also of spirit.
Part of ourselves is programmed to look ahead and upwards, towards our ultimate goal, which in turn leads to progress, self-growth, kindness, fulfilment and well-being. This part reconnects us with our original, unconditioned “design” or “blue print”, the one we had when we arrived, shiny and vibrant, to experience the adventure called life.

Therefore, if we really want to increase our productivity, in other words, to produce the results we aim for on every level, we will have to open our minds to new planes of thought, gain access to and connect with the spiritual part of our being.
This practically means that besides broadening our intellect, it is necessary to equally devote ourselves to our spiritual development. Initially by recognising its importance in accomplishing our objectives and desires, then by exploiting the infinite opportunities that coaching, in this area, can offer.

The true-me® method aims to lead a person to fulfilment by mobilising all their capabilities. This can be achieved by opening the channel for cooperation and connection between one’s spiritual and cognitive entity. This method provides information, techniques and procedures oriented toward an organized and systematic awakening of the person into a new, more productive way of thinking and acting, which, in turn, may lead to a desirable and happy everyday life.

More specifically,
Through the work done in the field of Intellectual Intelligence, deep knowledge of one’s actual desires and values is achieved. In addition, rules and behaviours are modified in order to ensure a choice of strategic actions which will lead to systematic achievement of one’s objectives.

Through the work done in the field of Spiritual Intelligence one can accomplish an alignment between one’s actions and one’s inner self. The inner self is where all the knowledge and wisdom resides; it is necessary to tap into it to orientate oneself towards forming and achieving life’s aspirations.
The result of this combined guidance and coaching is the awakening and emergence of unique capabilities that comprise our perfect, complete and highly conscious self.

Our whole self will be:

  • Empowered
  • Creative
  • Productive
  • Balanced
  • Complete
  • True