Objectives of the true-me® Method

The True-me® method seeks to help each person motivate their complete self by opening the path for cooperation of mind and spirit. In this way, one will discover infinite possibilities to help achieve results that seemed out of reach or even impossible up to this day.

More specifically:

Self-Growth / Evolution of Intellectual Intelligence

Here, we will pursue self-awareness, the “re-programming” of our present self and to adopt a specific frame of mind that will result in efficient and productive future actions.

  • We will learn the workings of our mind and realise its capabilities.
  • We will recognise the powers that determine our behaviour and learn how to manipulate them to our advantage.
  • We will learn about the discoveries in quantum physics and neuroscience, which will open up a new level of understanding of our lives.
  • We will discover our beliefs and how they have been our creative or restricting powers.
  • We will bring our values forward and comprehend our action’s orientation.
  • We will face our current identity and proceed to strengthen it.
  • We will discover and lay down rules of behaviour and codes of conduct which will lead us to daily enjoyment of life.
  • We will acknowledge our life purpose and proceed to its accomplishment.

Self-Growth/ Evolution of Spiritual Intelligence

Here, we will pursue to adopt a frame of mind and rules of action that are coherent to our aspirations through alignment with the spiritual laws of the universe.

  • We will take responsibility for our lives.
  • We will make a conscious choice of what we would like to achieve.
  • We will acknowledge our self-worth and the worth of others.
  • We will free ourselves from restricting thoughts, phobias and beliefs.
  • We will assert our primary right of abundance.
  • We will come to the realisation that our spirit has infinite potential.
  • We will distance ourselves from our aspirations, acknowledging that they do not determine our self-worth, while showing faith in the laws governing the universe.
  • We will focus our attention on an empowering interpretation of our ongoing experiences.