UNCERTAINTY & EVOLUTION – The balance that haunts us

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The probability of something changing, without a person being sure where it leads, that is, the uncertainty of the unknown that they may encounter, is at times very daunting and debilitating and if he/she allows it, it can win the battle.

But if you accept this voice, you will get stuck into the same things, circumstances, events, without knowing that, in such a way, you are wasting your life to practically the point where you are “dead”. Imagine the caterpillar who never decides to change its skin. Not only will it not be transformed into a butterfly – depriving itself of this legendary, thrilling moment – but it will die. A death that will have been caused by itself.

We live in a world of change. Things are moving fast. We are asked to be more adaptable and fluid. Perhaps some will try to find stability by maintaining a false sense of control. Winners, however, will be those who succeed in letting themselves with confidence into the creative flow of life.

Many times people have no idea where the path they are looking for is, whilst others they know exactly where to find it.  Yet, in other instances, people do not want to accept it, and they convince themselves that these destinations belong to others, not to them.

But you should not stop yourself by saying that you do not know where to take your life. When you dare to make this essential question to yourself, you will always get an answer that is very straightforward and very clear: Your path is where your existence comes to life, because there lies the energy you are looking for.

Usually, a person deals with the greatest questions of life, between changes or great achievements: What is it that I really want in life? Can I create it? What attitude should I have towards myself to do it? How shall I face others? Or any situation? Can I follow the urge to chase it? Can I rely on the love that I feel inside me?

How much courage you need, to believe and look for what will actually evolve, develop, take you higher? It is so easy to sit on the sidelines and be a spectator or a critic of those who face their lives with courage and seek for something better!

Where do you see yourself standing? Are you among those who try to hear the truth in them, or those who rely on the interpretation they hear from their companions or in the evening news? Are you at the point of believing in an idea, or are you more inclined to believe in the situations that exist when the idea is not yet realized?

Many will say that doing the first is unrealistic. I call it creating of a new reality, more substantial, more productive, more real.

What do you decide for yourself? How much do you love you- or don’t – to give you the biggest happiness you can ever experience?

However, it is important to say this: Sometimes, whilst you are on the never-ending journey of evolution and self-development, you realize that things that you thought you have learned or changed already, are still coming back, and that makes you feel like you are taking a step back. Yet, try to realize this: It is expected, as you move along your path, to feel at times angry, or sad, or sometimes attached to people or ideas, invisible to others or even empty. It takes a lot of courage to dare to grow or to reverse your old data. However, you do not have to allow the between process to convince you that something is missing or something is wrong. Being in transition does not mean something is bad. It means that you are moving away from the old, from an identity, perhaps from a series of assumptions or an old understanding or a world that does not fit you any more – to be able to go forward, to the activity that suits you, the joy that fills you, the light you are looking for.

What may seem to you as going backwards is just an old, perhaps forgotten or unconscious belief you might have had, which is now coming to the fore front so that you can deal with it. Or one more test of life, so that you can realize how much you have really changed and how much work you still need to achieve it. These things are also part of your path, these are also moments of change. Accept them with love, not with anger or sorrow, and get what they are teaching you.

This is your life. You have the opportunity to face yourself, your deep true self or turn against you. What will you choose? Will you choose to realize yourself or be realistic? I encourage you to “wear” your true power. I encourage you to regain the dominance of your life and give it meaning.

Some days your path will be frightening, as when the roller-coaster breaks down whilst you are high up. But it is in this primary sense of insecurity and enjoyment, where life meets you and blinks at you. This is the adventure of your life. This means developing and evolving through uncertainty.