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Vagelis believes that life itself is the most fascinating creative process on earth.

He believes that each one of us has the power to create miracles. 

All we need to do is to remember who we truly are. To awaken the creativity within, connect with our emotional intelligence and reach our full potential. When separation from our higher self stops existing, we gain access to a purposeful and fulfilling life. This is our contribution to the evolution of collective consciousness. 

Vagelis is a naturally curious mind, constantly exploring the world and the human nature. He loves listening, learning and intuitively combing methodologies with the intention of enabling transformational self-development, spiritual and emotional healing. He is passionate about coaching people find meaning and discover their true purpose in their life.

Vagelis is a TBCA Coach and Mentor of the true-me Breakthrough Coaching Academy.

He has a long, award-wining career in advertising as a Creative Director and as a Dep. General Manager in local and International advertising agencies.

In parallel with his corporate career, these last 10 years, his personal and spiritual journey has led him in attending several seminars, courses, trainings and acquiring various accreditations in the field of self-development.