You want a better New Year? Well, it is up to you!

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Initially I discarded it, even though I was astounded. But after a while I sought for it, as I felt the message was simple and yet deep and reminded me of an important – but usually forgotten – truth.

If you continue to be the same, to think the same things, to keep the same attitude, nothing will essentially change. You can achieve some of your goals, or even all. But you will probably live a similar reality that you have so far, with similar ups and downs and if you manage to make some progress, you will evolve slowly. This is a truth that usually escapes us, a truth however that encompasses the essence of all.

Which of the goals you have recorded during this period, refer to the conscious improvement of yourself? How often do you aim to become better and, consequently, contribute to making our world better?

Waiting for the new year to be better is like wishing again that your conditions are favorable to you. And of course we all want this to happen! It is just that you forget you can shape these conditions. You can do those things that are needed to reach your goals. In such a case, you do not let things to move randomly, but as deliberate creators, you plan the steps and create the conditions that will lead to the outcome you desire.

No plan -no matter how well written it is or how well defined is it content- can be fulfilled, unless you set the intention on yourself to make it happen. Because it is not enough to just want it, you must also act on it. You and nobody else.

If you give all of your energy to improve yourself, educate it, develop it, consciously upgrade it, something within you can change and therefore, your experience of what life means will change. And you do not have to make dramatic changes – you just need to be conscious, present, at all times, and make your own decisions for yourself. Sounds easy, right? It sounds easy, because it really is. It just requires your mind to make a small click, a little transition, and stop being oriented towards the outside world.

You must begin to be oriented inwards and from there, to let the wisdom and the love that exist, and you feel- for yourself and for others- to emerge.

Everything starts with you. It is your inner reality that defines your external reality – even if you have been taught and believed the opposite to this day. When you allow yourself to come into contact with the wise part of yourself, your inner self, your spirit, your goal setting will be effortless and will be the best for you at that time. All you have to do is to set up an open, honest dialogue with yourself and then you will get the answers you need to move on.

Once you begin to truly see yourself as the divine spark of Spirit that you are, you can make choices that are in alignment with your totality and use your creative power effectively.

As a human being, created in the image and likeness of God, you have the power of creation inside you. In the spiritual sphere, this power is given, not only with the right to use it, but also with the responsibility to use it wisely. And yes, you grow as a creator every time you use this power with responsibility both towards yourself and for the benefit of humanity – now, and for the rest of your life.

As an adult, you have to take responsibility for your choices and how you connect or disconnect yourself from the situations and people around you. When you do not take this responsibility, you are weakened and the wounds that might be created are not easily cured.

When you take full responsibility for every choice in your life, you cease to be a victim, and you only become a creator. Then, you can deal with even the most difficult conditions, and attract everyone and everything you need to manifest a more astonishing reality. When you put limits, you love and appreciate yourself by showing others how you want to be treated. In fact, when you set healthy limits and allow others to be responsible for their choices, you become a more caring, compassionate person.

I assure you: You are more powerful than you are aware of and braver than you think.

Now that you have this knowledge, show courage and take personal responsibility for your everyday experiences. Then, the new year will not need to be better, because you will be better.