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“True-me® is a way of life for me!”

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“True-me® is a way of life for me!”

Vagelis Tasopoulos – Personal & Executive Coach of True-me®

Vagelis Tasopoulos, Personal & Executive Coach of True-me® Breakthrough Coaching, has been with True-me® since its first years as a communication and advertising consultant. Having completed his studies and having been certified by the TBCA® Academy, he is now one of the key Coaches of the True-me® team, as well as a Mentor of the Academy.

He studied Sociology & Anthropology at the University of Humanities in Strasbourg and Communication & Marketing in Paris. He has a long career as an award-winning Creative Director and Deputy GM in major multinational and Greek advertising companies. Along with his career in the field of advertising, in recent years, his personal spiritual journey has led him to studies, seminars, training and certification in various methods and areas related to self-improvement, mental & spiritual health and personal development.

  1. What was the reason for you to get involved in personal & executive coaching?

The reason was mainly the personal coaching sessions and the seminars that I attended with Nicole. Having been a True-me® companion for many years, mainly as a communication consultant, the inspiration and lessons I took were great for me. In a way, True-me® is for me much more than a company in the field of Coaching. It is a way of life. An attitude of life with which I wanted to harmonize because the more I was tunning in with its philosophy, the closer I felt to myself, to my desires and to my strength.

Ιn addition, in the hierarchy of my personal values, the value offering has always occupied a very high position. In a way, I would say I was very lucky to inherit it. When I realized that by living empowered and happy we can “see” and take advantage of the infinite possibilities with which we are all indiscriminately born equipped, Coaching became my way of contributing and offering.

2. As True-me® coaches, do you follow a specific methodology?

The way we work follows True-me®’s breakthrough methodology, which is a distillate of Nicole’s knowledge and a unique combination of Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming, Quantum Success Science and Neuroscience techniques.

A methodology that was not accidentally called “breakthrough”, as it works in depth, managing to mobilize all the possibilities of each person, opening the way for cooperation between his mental and emotional state. Thus, he discovers a field of unlimited possibilities and achieves results that until now seemed impossible.

In my sessions, the knowledge I gained from my studies at True-me® Breakthrough Coaching Academy, which is certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), is enriched on a case by case basis with my personal instinct and other complementary “tools” of self-improvement that I have acquired with years of training and seminars that I constantly attend in the field of personal development.

Thus, customers who choose to “work” with me, see fast results on many levels. They get to know themselves well, gain great clarity and awareness of what they want to achieve in their lives to feel full and happy, but above all they find a way to live a life full of personal satisfaction and joy.

My sessions are a unique combination of classic coaching techniques, neurolinguistic programming, mindfulness and meditation, while sometimes I apply some energy healing methods, in which I have been trained. It always depends on the customer and his needs.

One technique I learned during my time at True-me® Breakthrough Coaching Academy that has had impressive results for my clients is Timeline Therapy, which is a variation of the NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) “Creating the Future” technique. It is a method that helps individuals release emotional blockages, through deep relaxation and observation of emotionally important life events.

3. As a True-me® Coach, is there anything you specialize in?

At True-me®, we believe that there are no “problems” but only stimuli and the interpretations we give them. Stimuli that push specific “buttons” inside us, which in turn activate limiting beliefs and debilitating emotions. In this sense, we have the methodology and the way to manage any issue that brings the customer to us.

However, personally, I am particularly interested in the part of exploring the purpose of life, coping with change and awakening the creativity that we hide within us. I would say that these are all issues that have preoccupied me personally in the past and in which True-me® has been a lighthouse and guide. So, I could not help but sharing this knowledge and methodology with others, assisting and guiding them on their personal journey of self-improvement and self-knowledge.

For me, there is nothing that makes me feel more complete than sharing this knowledge and seeing people take back their power and unfold the infinite possibilities with which they are born.

We have seen it become a reality with people of all ages and professions, who want to gain greater clarity, feel happier, get rid of stress or fear, resolve a specific issue that concerns them, connect more deeply with themselves or become conscious creators of a more functional and therefore happier daily life.

4. Is empathy a necessary qualification for someone practicing your profession? And if so, why?

The ability to emotionally perceive another person’s mental state is definitely necessary, since the main goal of Coaching is to help the coachee find answers and empowerment through himself. A Coach mainly needs to be emotionally present in each session, keeping the client’s vision alive and creating for him a “safe space” where he can awaken his potential and his inner knowledge.

One of the ultimate goals -however- working with me, is for the client to gain self-empathy, that is, to be able to understand and respect your feelings.

5. What services do you offer to True-me® in the field of business & executive Coaching?

At True-me® we have all the knowledge and experience required in the complex part of Coaching addressed to companies and executives.

True-me® Breakthrough Coaching’s Corporate and Executive Services have been built through 25+ years of experience in leading Fortune 500 organizations.

In addition, the Coaches that make up the True-me® team are

all executives with many years of experience in the field of business and in this sense understand the pulse and challenges faced by companies and their executives today.

True-me® Breakthrough Coaching professional programs are aimed at enhancing and developing personal skills and attitudes that contribute to a significant improvement in performance, interpersonal relationships and career prospects in the professional field.

At the same time, at True-me® we have developed a range of professional Coaching products, all of which are the intellectual property of True-me® and are based on its unique methodology.

Among them, workshops, seminars and one2one coaching products in the professional field, related to performance and efficiency, wellbeing in the workplace, crisis management like the one we live in today, but also holistic coaching retreats and many other programs that companies can offer as a benefit to support their most valuable part: their human resources.

What Nicole Mantzikopoulou, Founder of True-me® Breakthrough Coaching, told us about Vangelis Tasopoulos:

I have followed closely Vangelis Tasopoulos path to growth, and it has been amazing to observe the transformation an empowerment stages he has gone through the years. A living example of what can be achieved with determination and focus. The more he managed to free himself from inhibitions and mental traps, the more he uncovered his true colors and developed his talents as a coach, a teacher and a guide. Vagelis is a true asset for True-me® Breakthrough Coaching, and an indisputable proof of the impact of its teachings.