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What are you truly ready to do, to achieve your goals?

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What are you truly ready to do, to achieve your goals?

It is almost the end of the year. You do a quick check and you acknowledge that you have achieved

some of your goals, whilst others were missed. And although you want to feel good and celebrate the

first, it is the second that gain your focus. 

What are the reasons that you did not manage to achieve all of your goals?

If you are pondering upon that question, let me aid your thinking with some possible answers:

  • Sometimes it is that you do not put all the energy, perseverance, and faith in yourself and your abilities. We do not truly – deep inside, that is – believe that it is possible to attain what you want, or even worse, that you deserve to have that positive experience. These thoughts – of course – can be very private, very deep, very subtle, very subconscious.Nevertheless, you must know that the mere fact that these thoughts exist is enough to block the outcome you desire. The lack of faith shows a negative disposition towards life and denotes that you are not ready to receive its gifts. However, you push and demand, and get annoyed when things do not happen, and usually blame the circumstances, or other people for that failure. 
  • You are not really ready to invest in what you say you want. Maybe your goal needs some sacrifices from your side – that being your time or your routine – or putting an extra effort, getting out of your comfort zone or thinking out of the box. Maybe the daily reality of yours is so familiar or feels so cozy, that you are not prepared to change it. And there is nothing wrong with that, as long as you realize, that if you do not act for change, things will remain the same. Accept it is your actions that will determine your experience and if you are not ready to alter them, it is your choice and your decision. No one else’s. That might give you knowledge and acceptance of where you are and take out the blame and the sorrow. Remember, the only person that can create magic is you. Do not expect other people to do it for you- they just cannot.

Accepting full responsibility of what you are bringing to your life, although at first might feel scary or    unfair, can be a very liberating and empowering experience. When you accept that simple reality, you can start shaping your actions, and gain the happiness, exuberance and fulfillment that being the master of your life will bring. 

You must acknowledge that your power of manifestation has no boundaries. Your potential is unlimited. The only boundaries are the ones that you inflict, when you allow inferior emotions—fear, doubt, uncertainty, mistrust, etc.—to get the best of you. 

When you become aligned with your possibilities, there is no fear, and that is when you will feel deeply and truly free!

Once you are in sync with this reality, you will realize that the biggest achievements and successes are not the result of effort, pressure or coercion, but rather the fluid, magnetic qualities of grace and peace. And you have all your current and past achievements to testify positively about that. 

Thus, I encourage you to do the test, write your list and verify what are your own blocks. Mind though, you will need to dismantle them before you are able to attain what you want. Thus, the sooner you base your efforts on your own capabilities and intents, the faster you will see the results you want. Others are there to help you and support you, but it is yourself that you should keep accountable. And the benefits of doing so will soon be yours.