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You are currently viewing YOUR WOUNDED SELF ASKS FOR A RESTART

Challenging times. Unpleasant thoughts. Discouraging prospects. Thousands of predictions for how the future may unfold. Frustration, desperation, fear.

And all this, given you are lucky enough to not have lost any loved one during this pandemic – for such event would place you in a far more painful reality, believe me.

It seems inconceivable that our lives transformed in such a sudden and unexpected manner. Everything that originally had its perfect place in our lives, has now been battered, or has vanished. Οf course, we were not necessarily living our lives to the fullest before the pandemic. Many of us, either consciously or unconsciously, were religiously abiding to a schedule that we had set for ourselves and our families, blindly accepting it as the norm.

This reality may now have been abolished or altered. Our most precious commodity, our health, has been damaged, and the certainty that we had for the foreseeable future has been shaken. Potentially, the financial aspect of our lives – a key component that adds to our sense of security – has also been torn apart, and the strategies to recover from this hardship might be unclear.

Nevertheless, we are here, and we can overcome any challenge. We are here, and we can rebuild anything that’s been demolished. We are here, and we can push forward with a newfound sense of meaning in our lives.

So how can we reclaim our future, when so many tables have been turned?

To begin with, before devoting ourselves into a new reality with fresh objectives, we ought to take the time to grasp these alterations. We owe it to ourselves. We must make the days of self-isolation count and use the knowledge that derives from this odd new reality to build solid foundations for the life we’ll construct moving forward.

We are not alone in this struggle. We must not forget our constant. The entity that accompanies us on the daily. Our greatest ally. Our Self.

How often have we conversed with Him these days? Perhaps not too often. What has He been telling us?

If the things you’ve been hearing from yourself have not been empowering, perhaps that voice originated from your Ego, your limiting beliefs and not from your inner Self. Perhaps the latter has been veiled and overpowered by hundreds of layers of fear, doubt, cynicism, reaction, sadness, and pessimism. Ιf that’s the case, we must help our Self to be liberated from these veils, so that He can support us in setting off a new course in our life.

For it is light, not darkness, that shall bring the change we are seeking. And that light resides within all of us.

It’s therefore not sufficient to expect some external event to occur. We must assume responsibility for ourselves in order to more productively respond to any barrier we are called to overcome. But where do we begin?

  • We ought to have a sincere dialogue with our Self. Where have we been successful? What are our shortcomings?
  • What stance do we want to have in the face of any future crisis? Which emotions will we never allow ourselves to feel again? Who do we dream to be? How do we wish to act? What example do we want our children to follow?
  • Which new perception of the unfolding events do we want to embrace? A perception that will teach, empower, and guide us.

“United we stand” is a phrase that is consistently repeated nowadays. And it’s true. United we stand.

But our personal empowerment, mental clarity, and decision over who we desire to be needs to come first. That is, if we want to fully contribute to the new reality we wish to craft, and consequently, to actively participate in and empower all of humanity.